[Interview] Communication Arts / 4 February, 2019
[Interview] / 15 November, 2018
[Interview] Selected Design Work in Hong Kong / milk magazine / May, 2018

[Talk] Redefine, Redesign, Recreate / Being HongKong / 27 October, 2018
[Talk] HKDA Global Design Award Seminar, Guangzhou, China / HKDA / September, 2018
[Talk] The Way a Book Speaks / PMQ / May, 2018


Mak Kai-hang

Graphic designer, mainly engaged in books and type design. Born in Hong Kong in 1993, he graduated from HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity and current work as Hong Kong Joint Publishing book designer. His works on type design mainly led to awaken people with thoughts towards life, history, and culture.
Designed for several years including Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, MaD (Make a Different), Hong Kong Contemporary Cultural Centre, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, HKICC Lee Shek Kee School of Creativity, Kowloon City Book Festival and other commercial and cultural art organizations. His works have been selected for Ingenuity Follows Nature Poster Designer Exhibition was exhibited in Taiwan and Hong Kong. And recently committed to research and development of an independent type projects: Mechanical Mincho.

[Major Prizes]
Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Excellent Works. 2019, Japan.
The 30th Hong Kong Print Awards, Publishing Design Award. 2018, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards, Grand Award. 2019, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards, Art & Design Award. 2019, Hong Kong.

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