seeking new lands

The real journey of discovery is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing. Following her exclusive debut project ‘Charming Gardeners’ which is inspired by the people in our lives who delight us and make our souls blossom, Lifansze continues to transform ordinary objects into special pieces that are made with loving intentions and intrigues.

“This collection is dedicated to every precious souls around me, in different time and space. Not only giving thanks for the love that spoiled me, but also an inspiration and reminder for us of a new way of seeing - Object becomes valuable when you create memories attached to it.”
In this age of accessibility and aesthetics, our lives are flooded with objects of all sort. Lifansze wants to create pieces that are not purely decorative - objects that are made without intention and soul. She chooses to create body ornaments as vessels of precious thoughts and memories, intensely personal and deliberate. Seemingly ordinary objects are made special when they are created with loving and regard. Like magic, which are simply talismans charged with intentions.

Inspired by the functionality of historical ornaments, be it as a form of amulet, symbol of religious or social status and carrier of personal meaning, Seeking New Lands is a series of amulets that aspire to blend together traditional utility details and contemporary ways of presenting them. These pieces are designed for all regardless of age and sex. The simplicity of her designs is instilled with a sense of timelessness that will carry us through the passage of time and change in fashion, accompanied by personal memories and reflections that we hold dear.

Seeking new lands is a body ornaments series created by Jewellery designer, Lifansze. Which was inspired by the functionality of historical ornaments. The visual identity of the brand is to build a sense of historic and a touch of timeless.

The form of the jewellery boxes was influenced by old classy European containers and the purpose to use of grey, is to express the emotion of moderate.

The consideration of the packaging was a moral achieve to reduce wastage after the purchased from customers, everything we provide in the brand is either reusable or recyclable. From the boxes to catalogue, they are just as important as the product itself, since they are the piece to contain and maintain the jewellery's condition.

In terms of graphic language, we try to design as little as possible on the appearance, but carefully organize the type-setting without embellishment, to simply provide the useful information that people needs.

★Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Excellent Works. 2019, Japan.


Mak Kaihang