Notes on Hong Kong Wine Culture (1841-1851)

Hong Kong’s Wine Culture Notes explores Hong Kong's wine culture and history
between 1841 and 1851, when Hong Kong just became a British colony. The book
contains a large number of wine advertisements, newspaper excerpts and other
precious original historical materials. While discussing with the editor on the book’s
direction, I felt his passion over wine-related prints. He has a comprehensive
collection of such original materials. To avoid wasting such precious contents, we
very carefully dealt with the book's images. This was how we came up with the
nostalgic design of the book.
Right at the beginning of the design, we determined to let readers feel the nostalgic
atmosphere at the moment when they turn the first page. Tablo is therefore used –
a printing paper imitating newspaper produced by Japanese high-end paper
manufacturer Takeo. Mixed with waste paper, Tablo has a slightly rough texture that
re-creates newspaper’s characteristic of high opacity – texts do not strike through
the back of the paper. This incidentally coincides the book’s contents, providing a
suitable texture for the book’s images. With the old-style typography approach,
meanwhile, we hope the book can bring a historical atmosphere to readers.